• Mike Brown never changes?

      I keep hearing that Mike Brown never changes but then I look at what has happened in last few years and I say huh?

      First let me get all of you in an uproar. The Bengals never had a head coach over 8 years and that was Paul Brown. So there is a change because Marvin is going into his eleventh year. He also got a first round pick for a player he traded, there is a change since he became owner. He cut ticket prices, there is a change. He hired extra scouts, there is a change. He had training camp in Cincinnati, there is a change. Andy Dalton was first rookie QB to start the season since Greg Cook, there is a change. Created first Bengals team to make playoffs 3 out of 4 years.

      Okay now to get serious about changes. In four years the Bengals have made many changes in their roster. There are only 27 players on the Bengals that played for Bengals in 2011. That is a big change for a team, don't know many teams that has had that big of a turnover in it's roster. To tell the truth, I can't think of one team. But it get more amazing from 2010 there are only 16 players still on Bengals roster. Oh no I'm not finished, from 2009 Bengals team we only have 11 players still on roster. In four years we have about one fifth of our teams roster from 2009. In those 4 years we have been to playoffs 3 times.

      Who are the 11 players? Collins, Cook, Geathers, Hall, Huber, Johnson, Maualuga, Peko, Roland, Smith, Whitworth. Most of these players have their replacement already on Roster. Collins, Roland, are already backups. Cook should be replaced by Robinson, Geathers is being replaced by Dunlap, Maualuga with Burfict, Peko with Stills. Huber is punter so he should stay on roster for awhile.Whitworth replacement should be drafted this year or next and Johnson will be signing long term soon. And Hall will be here another 3 years when his contract runs out.

      Changes are being made as we have 4 picks in 3 rounds which are usually future starter rounds. We will also have enough cap room to sign premier players a year ahead of time instead of waiting until till they hit free agent market. We get them at this years price instead of next years numbers.

      Changes have been made but some are just to blind to see them because of the past. In the past there never would have been a change of 50% of the Bengals roster in 2 years of 80% in 4 years.
      As David Bowie would have said. Going through some strange changings, going to be a better man. Or owner.
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