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      Customizing your Profile

      We have created this document to help you understand how the new user profile customization variables work. We walk through the six groups of variables and show by screen shots how the various elements on the page are affected. In the screen shots below, everything except the settings group being demonstrated is set to “gray”. Also the colors used are selected to be very different. This is of course unlike any real page you will ever see, but makes it easier see what's happening. You might want to put on your sunglasses before proceeding.

      To get started, click on the "Customize Your Profile" button in the top right corner of your profile. This will open an overlay that provides the tools you need.


      General Settings
      This section controls the overall page view.

      The results of the above would look like:

      This controls the look and feel of the buttons on your profile.

      The results look like:

      Modules Settings
      This controls the look of the Active Tab on your currently.

      The results would look like:

      Content Settings
      These settings control the blocks in the left column and visitor messages. It also controls the contents of the various tabs like Blogs, Friends and About Me.

      The Results:




      Inactive Module Settings
      These control the look of all inactive or unselected tabs plus areas of the left column blocks as shown.

      Header Settings
      Controls various header elements on your profile tabs as shown below.

      Visitor Message Tab:

      About Me Tab:

      Blog Tab:
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      1. TigerJ@w's Avatar
        TigerJ@w -
        I think you have been HACKED, SC. Just a hunch with the other threads being brought up again.
      1. Super Cat's Avatar
        Super Cat -
        I hope not. I think it is because I got rid of a forum that house those articles with original software. They were directed to two different forums. Bengals Talk and the CMS forum. I deleted the CMS. In next couple weeks I will run another upgrade with one following about mid February. Next upgrade may return that deleted forum. Either way we may go through some old articles popping up.

        I may just start deleting these articles also to fix problem.
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