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Game Day Thread: Bills vs Bengals

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    OL play has improved but still it is sucking a lot like last year. Andy is under pressure. If he doesn't release the ball immediately, it seems like he has little time to progress through his reads. If only Mike had given Whit the long term deal, our OL would be better than last year. TBH, the loss of Zietler has been negligible in my opinion-- especially in pass protection. I think Andre at LT is working. Face it, Ced is a bust, and I was one of the biggest naysayers back when we drafted him. I'm sorry, but unless you come from the Big 10 or SEC (and some degree the PAC-12), OL in other conferences suck. No surprise with Ced even though A&M is in the SEC, they are still a Big 12 oriented team. Can't recall any good OL from the Big 12. I still think Fisher is guard material but what else are we going to do? Resign Winston?
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      The o-line is unquestionably better than they were. That being said, why haven't we seen anything beyond JV-level blitzes the past two weeks? I'm not sure I expected much from Cleveland, but I certainly thought Buffalo would present a challenge.

      Obviously we're seeing more quick passes and shorter concepts than we did before, which is the main reason Andy has looked so much better, but I wonder if that's also stopped teams from sending as much heat. After consecutive screens, hitches, quicks and speed outs, defensive coordinators must feel it's not worth their while to blitz as much.

      I like what I've seen out of our new OC. The question is can we win coming off the bye for once.


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        Very impressed with the team Sunday. I like the new gambling Andy and love that he is finding the TE.

        Defense is right there.

        Looking like Big Ben is over the hill, physically and emotionally..

        The North is wide open.


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          Massive game next week, I'm pumped, we'll take the Stoolers down! Who Dey!
          Cheers for beers!