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    After witnessing the debacle of this season, it has become clear to me that the front office does not put enough emphasis on football intelligence when composing a roster. They get too enamored with 40 times and physical measurables but do nothing to look at a player's football IQ. IMHO, there are only 3 players on this team who actually are smart enough to "get it" when it comes to concepts and execution, Those players are Burfict, Pacman and Dalton. The problem with Burfict and Pacman is that both are also hot-heads who let their emotion cover up their football smarts. When it comes to Dalton, it is his physical limitations and lack of a supporting cast. 2015 was our best shot until we lost Andy. We still had a decent OL and play makers to support the offense. The defense was solid b/c we still had Reggie Nelson in the secondary. Oh what could have been if it were for the Pisspuke Steelers and that utterly stupid shovel pass play. We are going to be wandering in the wilderness until we improve this roster with football smart players and not just physical athletes.
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    Ralph, I've posted this for years.

    I have always thought that the Bengals are yearly one of the dumbest teams in the NFL.

    No doubt they can run as fast, jump as high and lift 225 lbs. as many times as any team in football.

    I don't think that the staff or the F.O. wish to draft players smarter than they are. lol


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      It cracks me up when people call for McCarron . . . at the tail end of 2015, he had the best roster Cincy has seen in years and went .500. I like him, I'm glad he's on the Bengals, but he's not as good as Dalton.

      And I wouldn't call them the dumbest team in the league, just the least prepared. It never looks like they've spent the amount of time practicing two minute drills that other teams have.
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        They are poorly coached. The best evidence of this is the 2nd halves. OK, we've had issues with 2nd half adjustments before but this yr takes it to new levels. This team completely quits in the 2nd half. It's the worst I've seen. That's coaching.