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    Originally posted by Lewdog View Post
    3 or 4 strip sacks today? How many batted balls? How many passes need to be knocked down before the Zampese learns to roll him out of the pocket to change things up? Jesus this offense is so ####ing stagnate. It's like last week when the Giants said they knew the Bengals didn't use crossing routes so they didn't even worry about them. What ####ing NFL team doesn't use crossing routes!?!??!
    Originally posted by shebengal View Post
    I said in chat that my dead grandmother could gameplan against our offense. And for the life of me, why doesn't the defense work on stripping the ball?
    Originally posted by furnbuff View Post
    Another example of just brilliant coaching today. Burkhead is slashing and dashing the Rat's D for 9, 12, 17 yards a carry, setting up play-action perfectly, and what does Willy Wonka do? He goes to the Shotgun with three wide-outs, so the Munchkin can get 12 frickin' balls batted down or get pancaked by the rush. Jee-zus! Marvin is just a total freekin' tool!
    Y'all are touching on the reasons why I defend Dalton so much. He's an average passer at best but he's a tremendous quarterback considering how well prepared the opponents are and how lost his teammates seem to be at times.
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      First of all, I have to give props to Harbaugh on a brilliant play call at the end of the game. Secondly, that you can intentionally hold to run out the clock is total bullshit. That rule needs to be changed. Also, if there is a safety at the end of the game, there should be a free kick with no time on the clock.

      How does Zampese and/or Dalton not react to the batted balls and try something different? How many extra points does Nugent have to miss before he gets fired (I'm sure Marvin will blame it on having a new long snapper)?

      I was listening to Tim McGee on the radio after the game and he said he thinks Marvin will be back next year because Mikey boy won't pay Marvin $5 million to sit at home.

      Oh, and let's not forget Marvin's wasted timeout that cost us a first down. Great job, Marv.
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        Originally posted by I_C_DeadPeople View Post
        Every time Burkehead plays he impresses. So naturally we keep him on the

        I think it has been obvious, over the years, that the higher paid guys will play the most. They have to work for their pay - not sit.

        Excellent strategy.


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          My brother in B.C. (Seahawks fan) was watching the Bengals game or trying to and he said to me "that has to be tough to watch" and I said "Nah, it is like a playoff game every week".
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