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Nugent cut, Bullock signed

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    Originally posted by Maldez View Post
    Maybe there's a reason Bullock was out of work in any event, the Bengals now have half a year to find the right guy. It seems half the NFL has kickers who routinely drill 55-yarders, while Bengal fans hide their face in their hands on XP attempts.
    Huber sucks too.

    Lol, only 10 NFL kickers this year haven't hit a field goal from 50+. 23 kickers are 50% or more accurate from 50+.

    Darrin Simmons needs to go back to Kansas.


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      Maybe the Bengals should hire this guy...
      "She's a Browns fan. She doesn't know anything about the playoffs." Chuck Todd referring to Kelly O'Donnell on "Meet the Press"

      "The Browns are so low in national esteem that they troll the football equivalent of the thermal vents at the bottom of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific. This is the deepest point on the surface of the earth. Strange creatures live there and also in Berea." Bill Livingston-The Plain Dealer