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    Originally posted by Pre_hungover View Post
    Well, where do we start splitting hairs because that's a pretty weak description of a crutch.

    Do you disagree with Fouts or with Lewis? If you disagree with pulling off a player for a play or two when he's just committed back to back penalties, I'd love to coach against you.

    Do you think that I didn't come to the conclusion of pulling DK until after I heard Fouts say it yesterday?

    Laughing at when an announcer has an occasional flair for the obvious?

    Yeah, ok you busted me, I guess, but I still consider that a very poor excuse for use of a crutch.
    I don't bench him for the following reasons.

    1) As I said I thought the second penalty was hand fighting and should not have been called.
    2) He is a pro and being paid like a pro. I assume he is mad at himself and doesn't need to be benched to make that point.
    3) The coaches, who see him play everyday, must thinking he is a better option than Dennard (who was playing special teams) or Shaw (who was picked on earlier). Therfore, I do not bring in someone who they do not think is as good in a close game.
    4) He actually made some pretty good plays on the other Stealer wide-outs, but, obviously I did not give Brown the credit he may deserve. Translation: I think Brown is better than I thought.

    That is my thinking.


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      I never said bench.

      Pulling a player aside for a play or two to calm him down.
      (1) If he's guilty, straighten him out. Tell him what he's doing wrong, put him back in.
      (2) If you feel that he was wronged by the ref, let him know ie: calm him down, put him back in.

      That's in game coaching. Something that ML is not good at. My Chad Johnson/Belichik/Gronkowski/Brady examples started pissing me off over a dozen years ago.
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        When I played the game and you were pulled from the game that is benching. Didn't mean it was permanent.
        Maybe be different now.


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          Originally posted by NCStripes View Post
          When I played the game and you were pulled from the game that is benching. Didn't mean it was permanent.
          Maybe be different now.
          So what are we coaching these days? A bunch of frigging snowflakes?!?
          Bench sit whatever. Yank the ####er for a minute!
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            Originally posted by Le Tigre View Post
            And when your so-so heroes are eliminated in the playoffs (again) then what?

            I am routinely amazed that you hold them in '70's-era worship, when over the past 5 seasons (the same stretch as my team's), they have failed to make the playoffs in two seasons, and only made it out of wild card weekend once (promptly eliminated in the second round).

            And before you ramble on with some non sequitur about my team, or blather about past historical championships created by steroids and cheating, remember that you are the one beating your chest over what those despicable bastards do--when they don't particularly do it that well in the here and now.

            For not being any good, managed to whip our Bengals enough, (10 of 12 at PBS) to cause you to quit going to the games.

            For someone who routinely claims to be dispassionate over the NFL in general, and our team in particular. you sure get your blood-boiling whenever anyone points out that the Steelers are a better run outfit than our Bengals. lol

            And for the record, I do have some admiration for well-run franchise's