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Marvin gets pissed

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  • Marvin gets pissed

    Apparently during his news conference, Lewis got pissed when asked about playing younger players. His response was, "They will play when they are ready". Also he went on to say, "I am not pushing the right buttons to get this team playing better." Wow, really?? If that doesn't tell you right there, Marvin is a clueless ######! How about stop trying to be their "buddy" and start acting like a coach that wants to win. I think we all would agree at seeing young players, playing hard and making mistakes, rather then the same crappy vets that don't give 2 shits about "team".

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    "They will play when they are ready"

    The follow up question/comments should have been: Why is it that other teams get younger players ready faster than you do?
    Marvin Lewis - the Clapping Clown.


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      In other news:

      Mean God-man Zimmer, after getting shellacked at home and holding a mere 2% chance of making the playoffs, was "baffled" at "lethargic play" in a must-win game.

      You tell 'em Mike.
      "This game isn't worth it. The National Football League isn't worth it. There's golf to be played and tennis to be served up and other things to be done out there besides worryin' about a friggin' football game."----The prophet Sam Wyche