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The Oh Yeah The Bengals Are Playing Today Game Thread

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    Originally posted by shebengal View Post
    I think the Bengals need to stay the hell out of Texas!

    I think Dalton is 0 for his career in his home st

    Did you feel that way before the kick. Just curious
    I just had a bad feeling about this game in general. For whatever reason, Houston has our number.
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      Darrin Simmons cost us this season like he did in '06......


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        Kickers have accounted for at least a 3 game swing this year. How sad. Fu cking kickers...


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          So I played the game back again as background noise and paid attention to Ogbuehi whenever Cincy had the ball

          I'd give him a B plus, maybe an A- because Houston has one tough D.

          Both of the sacks he gave up will not be acceptable in Cincinnati until they shore up the interior O-line. If Dalton were allowed to step up in the pocket, both of those sacks would have been pass rushers being pushed around a QB but since Bodine and/or Zetler is often pushed back 5 or 6 yards within one to one and a half seconds, Ogbuehi can't allow people to speed rush the edge. That's impossible. Whit would have most likely given up sacks on those plays. It doesn't matter if it's big Vince Wilfork or a LB, Bodine is pushed back towards the QB on pretty much every passing play.

          Most of the game, CO held Clowney in check and was called for zero penalties against a pro bowler. He occasionally had a problem staying with his blocks when they tried an inside move and the Bengals ran to the right. They would just keep heading down the line and just about all that Ced could do was hold but he stayed with them, riding them right down the line towards the ball carrier. When they came straight at him or to his left on running plays to the right, they were out of the play.

          He looked way more comfortable at LT against a Pro Bowler than he did at RT against the teams #2 pass rusher. I'm not declaring that the worry of him playing at LT should be forgotten about, but he looked better than he has all season. Let's see what he does against T-Sizzle this weekend.
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            That is encouraging, thanks for taking the time to have a second look.
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