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    After Rex Ryan was fired by the Bills, defensive tackle Marcell Dareus complained that there was too much detail in Ryanís defense. That didnít sit well with one of Ryanís old players.

    Bart Scott, who played his entire 11-year career in Ryanís defense, first with the Ravens and then with the Jets, said on CBS Sports Radio that the Billsí biggest mistake was giving a big contract to Dareus.

    ďThat might sum the whole thing up Ė because thatís the guy that you gave $100 million,Ē Scott said.

    Scott noted that Dareus was suspended for the first four games of this season for violating the leagueís substance-abuse policy.

    ďInstead of reading his playbook, he was too busy lighting up,Ē Scott said. ďAre you serous? First of all, Iíve been in this system my entire career. Eleven years, Iíve been in this system. As a defensive lineman, you only have like four [or five] fronts. Man, if you canít remember five fronts, I donít know what to tell you, bro. We canít put the playbook in crayon.Ē

    Scott implied that Dareus isnít very smart if he canít learn Ryanís defense.

    ďIíve had teammates that were special needs in high school and college,Ē Scott said. ďI played with at least four teammates that were dyslexic and they picked it up. So Marcell Dareus needs to be reevaluated. I donít know what his Wonderlic was, but for him to say that defense was complicated, I donít know.Ē

    Scott is blunt, but he has a point: Itís a playerís job to learn the playbook. If Dareus canít do that job, heís not worth anything close to that six-year, $100 million contract the Bills gave him.


    It has always bugged me that the Pats have the most complex systems yet they have rookies who play and contribute. On other teams you hear "it will take awhile to learn the whole system'.

    Open question about the Bengals - should the draft process lean more to football IQ at this point? Guys who learn fast, high IQ guys in general I suppose.
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    Believe me, I am no fan of Rex Ryan. But the simple fact remains that, when his defensive players get on board with his program, they excel--as does the overall defense.

    To question posed: intellect is a major component. But even more important, are instincts. 'Tez may not score on wonderlic Harvard-level, but his football instincts are as solid and natural as anywhere. Same with Geno. No, don't solely go for a guy who has great film and can't spell cat. Find the balance, with the feel for the game.
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      Rex Ryan was the head coach. The defensive failure was on his brother's shoulders. Rob has ruined defenses everywhere he's been.