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Running Backs and Tight Ends 2016

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  • Running Backs and Tight Ends 2016

    One of the most exciting players to watch in the NFL. Mis-used by the Bengals on occasions. Should lead the league for receptions by a RB. Not afraid of going inside and fighting for tough yards. Good pass blocker. Let's see how he recovers from the knee injury.

    Play that funky music, white boy. Ran tough, ran hard, ran with vision, ran with decisiveness, picked up the blitz, did everything Jeremy Hill was supposed to do . . . in one game. Let's see how he does in a 16 game season as the #1 . . . no, really . . . Let's see that! He gave us some exciting 5, 6 or 7 yard runs that have been going for no gain or one yard with the other two RBs. It's amazing how good an O-line can look with a fighter running behind them.

    Herschel Walker as a Viking. Tip toe trying to find that hole and have no momentum to break an arm tackle when he did finally decide to run. The only big difference is that Walker wasn't immature. Hill just doesn't seem quick enough in the head to be relied upon to pass block, receive or run the ball in the NFL. If they do decide to keep him, simplify it for him and have it just be for short yardage or as a decoy.

    Made the Pro Bowl last year for Special Teams and not as a lifetime achievement award. He is indeed a specialist because his ST play is pretty outstanding. Being an assistant minister at his church probably earns him roster points and helps keep the locker room in check. Average runner that shouldn't see the field as a RB on a successful team.

    Big-ish back that I've only see play once. It would take a lot of injuries for him to see the field. Maybe motivated with Hill's regression.

    Just shut up and play football. If Only Chad Johnson had this approach. A bit tall and lanky for a FB but does well anyway because of his acceptance of his position change. Reads the game well, and fearlessly hits the hole looking for his man. Extra value as he can play TE if the team needs him to. Needs to play more so the defense doesn't key on the run when he comes in.

    Keep him on the field and they will win. Tremendous body control to turn in the air to get the ball. Slightly above average hands. Good size, speed ratio. Below average blocker. he just can't seem to stay on the field. I'd probably look to let him walk after next season and draft his replacement in the 2018 draft.

    Pretty good receiver, OK blocker. Looked reliable, contributed a little while Eifert was out and made a couple of nice plays but got injured thus making this an incomplete grade. The Bengals definitely favored throwing to Uzomah over Kroft so that could be telling with Uzomah being the bigger TE.

    Flashed some skills and flashed some drops. Missed a few blocks but performed well overall. Usually the bigger TEs are the blocking types that don't get the ball very much but they like throwing to him.

    Aside from the Hill issue, the Bengals are looking good at RB and pretty set at TE. I'd expect Burkhead to re-sign, I don't see too many teams wanting to plunk down some coin for a RB in FA as their value appears to diminish more and more in a passing league.
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    Who is Burkman? I never got to see him play. And you left Burkhead off the list.


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      Originally posted by Super Cat View Post
      Who is Burkman? I never got to see him play. And you left Burkhead off the list.

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