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    I really hope the Bengals watched and took notes. I am talking about the coaches. I was totally amazed at how wide open the receivers were in both games, especially in the NE/Pitt game. Almost thinking our passing routes need to be looked at and changed. How long have we ran the same offense with the same routes? I know we hardly run crossing routes.......Btw Marvin, I didn't see Bellicheck let off the gas in the second half!!
    Sanu was looking to be wide open also and I don't remember him ever being open that much....

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    You could have stopped after this comment "I really hope the Bengals watched and took notes" and put a LOL after it. ML is not in the same league as the coaches on these four teams let alone the last 2 left. Sanu had a great game, the Falcons knew the Packers secondary was beat up so they used him effectively. Well planned attack. NE games plans are just in their own league.

    It has been crystal clear for some time now that Marvin cannot take this team or any team to the SB. Keeping him only prolongs the cult of average.
    Marvin Lewis - the Clapping Clown.