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    Originally posted by CinciFan View Post
    We drafted well - mostly picked the right guy for each position we selected. Not shoring up OL brings them down to the B+.

    I do think the year of experience and offseason, plus a stud RB and Ross stretching the opposing D backfield will all improve the OL. At least I hope so ...

    As an aside, I'm thinking about going to the JAX game this November. The only place I've been for Bengals away games is CLE.
    I don't think we can degrade a draft because certain positions weren't addressed. I disagree with that on principle. Why encourage a team to take a lesser player due to need? I call that reaching. I generally want the best player. In this draft, OL was arguably the weakest position. Sure, we needed O-linemen but why draft another Bodine?

    Time will tell if it was a good draft but I can't blame them for not drafting players who didn't rate as highly on their boards.


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      Duke Tobin is by far and away the least embarrassing Bengals non-player.

      Here he is on the Hobson podcast
      After years of Marvin saying nothing, it's refreshing hearing about the thoughts of how the franchise views each player from Tobin.

      Who did he replace? Lippincott? HA!!
      Only users lose drugs