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ESPN believes Marvin Lewis is clouding a bright future for Bengals

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  • ESPN believes Marvin Lewis is clouding a bright future for Bengals

    Personnel-wise, the Cincinnati Bengals have a bright future ahead of them.

    Much of the core of the roster is under contract for multiple seasons, including Andy Dalton (whoís signed through 2020) and A.J. Green, (whoís signed through 2019).
    As good as those two are as a foundation to build around, many other key players are also under contract for the foreseeable future. Dre Kirkpatrick, Clint Boling, George Iloka, Shawn Williams, Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins and Vincent Rey all are signed through at least the 2018 season.
    Then youíve got the promising crop of young guys the Bengals have drafted in recent years, including Jake Fisher, Darqueze Dennard, William Jackson III, John Ross, Joe Mixon and Tyler Boyd. All of these guys are also signed until 2018, at the earliest. With so much young talented mixed with quality veterans, the Bengals should have a nice future ahead of them.

    As Bengalsí roster gets younger, future gets brighter

    William Jackson III and Jordan Willisí athleticism compared to top NFL players

    ESPN somewhat agrees with that notion. They just unveiled a projection of how well all 32 NFL franchises set up for the next three season. With so many of the teamís key players under contract for the next two to three years, the Bengals probably should have come in on this list a little higher than the No. 14 spot.

    However, their reasoning for having the Bengals in the middle of the NFL is actually a fair one: the coach.
    14. Cincinnati Bengals
    2016 record: 6-9-1 (Third in AFC North)
    AFC North future rank: second
    Why they're here: The Bengals are laced with talent at the skill positions on offense -- A.J. Green was on pace for a 1,700-yard season before going down in Week 11 -- and still feature a defense that's consistently competitive. But the long-term future of the offensive line is a major question mark after a poor 2016 season got worse when two key contributors (tackle Andrew Whitworth and guard Kevin Zeitler) bolted in free agency. The pipeline doesn't appear to be stocked with future stars up front, either. -- Field Yates
    Biggest worry: Is Marvin Lewis' leadership enough to get this team to register its first playoff win since he took over in 2003? He is currently 0-7 in the postseason, despite registering double-digit wins six times in 14 years and coaching a roster often among the league's best from 1 to 53. Yes, Lewis has often been saddled with coaching players who aren't the most dependable/professional, but he's going to have to win a playoff game soon to keep his job. -- Louis Riddick
    What could change for the better: Cincy lags in front-office outlook with a No. 20 ranking, somewhat understandable now that owner Mike Brown is 81 years old. However, Brown has taken steps over the past few seasons to prepare the team for a power transfer. Katie Blackburn and Duke Tobin have assumed larger roles in the organization, with seemingly positive results. It's plausible to think this front office could be set up well for years to come. -- Mike Sando
    <img src="" alt=""> Itís clear ESPN doesnít think highly of the Bengals future due to the head coach. As you can see in the above graphic, thatís the area at which ESPN believes the Bengals are weakest going forward. That 66.7 rating is tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the fourth-lowest ranking of any teamís head-coaching situation.

    Itís safe to say if the Bengals had even what ESPN views as an average coach in terms of the rest of the NFL, the ranking would be somewhere around the top 10 of this ranking, if not higher.
    Alas, Lewis is still in Cincinnati, so the Bengals will have to make the best out of the situation theyíre in. And to be fair, Lewis has taken this franchise to heights itís never been before with seven playoff trips in an 11-year span. Heís taken this franchise from being a bottom-feeder in the 1990s to at least being respectable for much of his tenure.
    But being unable to get the Bengals over the playoff hump while coming off a 6-9-1 season makes it hard to have faith that Lewis will take this franchise to the next level. Hopefully thatís not the case and Lewis is able to help the Bengals taste playoff victory and even more this coming season.

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    What the hell does a damn Seahawks blogger know about this team? For that matter, why should anyone believe anything ES-CNN-PN says?
    "This game isn't worth it. The National Football League isn't worth it. There's golf to be played and tennis to be served up and other things to be done out there besides worryin' about a friggin' football game."----The prophet Sam Wyche


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      Originally posted by Le Tigre View Post
      What the hell does a damn Seahawks blogger know about this team? For that matter, why should anyone believe anything ES-CNN-PN says?
      He knows that ML has never won a playoff game..ever..what more does one need to know? It has been said a thousand times already, yes, ML brought us out of the decade of despair but he has not taken us further than a one and out in the playoffs. Much like Mikey was the anchor around the team in 90's, ML is now.
      Marvin Lewis - the Clapping Clown.


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        How long would it be before you and each ES-CNN-PN Seattle blogger turned on the next HC here? One losing season? One close loss? One almost loss?

        I would bet Fanduel would take my odds that it would be sooner than that.
        "This game isn't worth it. The National Football League isn't worth it. There's golf to be played and tennis to be served up and other things to be done out there besides worryin' about a friggin' football game."----The prophet Sam Wyche


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          I would give him 2 or more seasons. Given that the team is imperfectly stocked with talent. Lewis didn't have near this much to work with upon his arrival.

          We had the ball. We were leading bama by 4 or 5 points. 3rd down less than 2 minutes. Bama has no timeouts. Houston Nutt elects to pass. You should be able to guess the rest. Yes sir, i was done with him after that....
          Dona eis Requiem


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            In my mind, I think it is make or break for Marvin. No more excuses. I've seen this team go to the playoffs with a worse Oline than we have today. How did they do it? Ran the ball. Marvin now has three mules who can run the ball. Hill, Mixon and later Bernard. He has the long ball threat with Green and Ross, the precision underneath route runner in Boyd and Ericson. and TE's in Eifert and Kroft.


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              Originally posted by Le Tigre View Post
              What the hell does a damn Seahawks blogger know about this team? For that matter, why should anyone believe anything ES-CNN-PN says?

              No playoff wins in 14 years and no head-coaching change.

              It doesn't take a rocket scientist to draw the same conclusions that all, minus a few Bengal-apologists, make.

              Insinuating "Fake News". like your daddy is hilarious.


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                I would probably make the same ranking. The Bengals are not elite. They aren't chopped liver either. They are bunched with a lot of similar teams. At the top of the league, I think a fair argument can be made that there is only 1 true elite team-- the Patriots. From there you have probably 25 teams who are all bunched together. Heck, I wouldn't even venture to put the Falcons into a top 10 even though they won the NFC last year. The point is parity really is here in 2017. I could make an argument that there are probably only 6 teams that won't be competitive enough for the playoffs-- the Jets, Browns, Jags, Bears, Rams, and 49ers. All the other 25 teams could be compete for the playoffs and top 10 rankings. Let's look at each division.

                AFC East-- We can pencil in the Patriots. From there, the Dolphins and Bills are both teams that will hover at the 7-9 to 9-7 range in wins. Either should be considered Wild Card possibilities but on the lower end. The Jets are pathetic, so we can write them off in 2017

                NFC East-- I can make a legit case for any of the four teams to win the division. They are going to beat each other up. I can see the last place team in this division being 7-9 and still in the playoff hunt until the last 2 games of the season. There will be no 13-3 here this season. Division winner most likely will be 10-6. Might even have two teams at 10-6. I see it as Giants, Dallas, Washington and Philly

                AFC South-- I think this is the most over-hyped division. Each team has flaws and question marks. I see the division winner being 9-7 with two teams hovering around 7-9 and 9-7. I think Tennessee may surprise, but only if Mariotta is healthy. The Texans and Colts will be right on their heals. The Jags are still in search of QB, so they will probably be looking at a 5 win season.

                NFC South-- Like the NFC North, one can make the case anyone of the 4 teams can win the division. This division has a history of worst to first. This will be the division with a surprise winner at 11-5. The other teams will range from 7-9 to 10-6. I see it Tampa, Atlanta, Carolina and New Orleans

                AFC West-- This is another division full of strong teams. I don't see anyone running away from the pack. Division winner most likely will be 11-5 with the others ranging from 7-9 to 9-7. I think Oakland wins the division followed by the Chargers, Chiefs and Broncos.

                NFC West-- This division is a lot like the AFC East. Seattle is the clear favorite and could be in the 13 to 14 win range. The other teams will likely not have one team break 8-8. The Cardinals might go 9-7, but the Rams and 49ers are going to be bottom feeders again.

                NFC North-- I think by all measures the Packers are the class of the division and probably in the 12-13 win range. All the other teams have flaws and I see the Lions having a big drop off from last year. The Vikings may sniff around the Wild Card at 9-7. The Lions and Bears will probably fall into that 5 to 6 win category.

                AFC North-- It pains me, but the Steelers have quietly put themselves at the top of the NFL. They are in that 12-4 to 13-3 win range. From there, the Bengals and Ravens should be fighting for the #2 spot and a possible Wild Card. I can see each of these teams in the 9-7 to 10-6 win range. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if either one these teams has a complete melt down to a 5 or worse win season. The Browns will be lucky to win 3 games.

                Here is how I would rank all 32 teams
                1. Patriots
                2. Steelers
                3. Seahawks
                4. Packers
                5. Raiders
                6. Giants
                7. Bucs
                8. Dallas
                9. Falcons
                10. Bengals
                11. Titans
                12. Redskins
                13. Vikings
                14. Chargers
                15. Chiefs
                16. Ravens
                17. Eagles
                18. Broncos
                19. Panthers
                20. Cardinals
                21. Texans
                22. Dolphins
                23. Colts
                24. Bills
                25. Saints
                27. Lions
                28. Jags
                29. Rams
                30. 49ers
                31. Browns
                32. Jets
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                  "I've met with several people -- I won't deny that," Gruden said in an interview with "Just about every year I talk about coming back to coach. I'm not in here every day at 4:30 or 4:00 in the morning watching pinball, you know? I'm preparing myself to come back. I am. Every day. I'm preparing to come back."
                  I want him to stay in the booth and continue to do the Gruden QB camp but I'd take him in Cincinnati in a heartbeat.
                  Only users lose drugs