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Pre-Season Game #2 Kansas City vs Bengals

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    Originally posted by Super Cat View Post
    Chris Smith and Vigil looked great. Goodbye Eric Winston you couldn't stop anyone. Hopkins is looking better than Zeitler so far. And Ogbuehi did his job. Suddenly I'm not so worried about the OLine. Fisher did have a miss but looked solid.
    Fisher was getting beat repeatedly. Dalton saved his own ass a few times. O-line looked mediocre against a good team.


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      I kinda figured this game would be a dud. Not going to bother watching after reading all the post-mordems. From what I've read, the OL looked competent against a good K.C. front. I'm no longer as concerned about the tackles. Seems like Hopkins has earned the RG spot. If only we had a center. My biggest concern is one that has always been a pet peeve of mine other than when Hue was OC. This team can't finish drives with TDs. This was a problem with Brat, Gruden and now Zampese. So sick of drives not resulting in TDs. On defense, the loss of Williams is going to hurt if out a long time. Seems like their is hope he will be back for Green Bay. That would be good when facing Rodgers. At least we get a break in weeks 1 and 2. Baltimore and Houston are not offensive powerhouses. Which of course means, Marvin will play his typical conservative game plan and not take risks.
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        Originally posted by Lewdog View Post
        Guenther better step up and step up fast. The lack of tackling basics in the game tonight has been atrocious. If the defense can not perform a basic principle of the game, this is going to be a VERY long year.
        Ding, ding, ding!! This team hasn't tackled in years.

        As for the offense not finishing drives, let's just hope that once Eifert is back in there that will change.
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          Well maybe the ass wuppin' the Bengals took from the Chiefs was deserved because they just pounded the Patriots 42-27 with THREE 90 yard drives, they only had one all of last year. Alex Smith was awesome as the Chiefs ran up 537 yards, most yards and most points ever against a Bill Belichik coached team. Twice they stopped the Patriots on 4th and 1 and Brady was less than 50% passing. Chiefs are for real. I'm glad Cincinnati doesn't play them.
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            Chiefs really used their FAST and EXPLOSIVE weapons - hello Bengals you must be aggressive and do the same.
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