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Texas signs an EIGHTH GRADER

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  • Texas signs an EIGHTH GRADER

    It's getting down right silly when colleges start recruiting EIGHTH GRADERS! This kid is 6' 2" and 205 pounds already and ran a 4.46 forty time and has a vertical of 34 inches! That's absolutely insane. Can you imagine the records this kid is going to break in high school? He'll start as a freshman and play 4 years, as long as he doesn't get injured he might break national records.

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    I'm waiting for a kindergartener to be signed. I can hear the scouting report now...

    "Jimmy Watson is an outstanding prospect. At 4'5", Jimmy towers above his classmates. He has excellent recognition, speed, and agility, as demonstrated by his winning 5 straight games of duck-duck-goose. He has good hands, though he needs to work on his finger painting. Jimmy shows above-average intelligence. He is able to recite his ABCs and can count to 17. He does have a checkered past. There was an incident in pre-school in which he bit Tyler McDonald because Tyler wouldn't let him play with the fire truck. He also has a history of wetting himself and refusing to be still during nap time, but his agent says that these issues were minor and have been resolved."