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Forum Rules

Bengals Jungle wants to be user friendly when it comes to setting up rules. So we have very few to live by. Below is a small list.


                     #1 No member shall threaten another member with bodily harm.

                     #2 Profanity; There are very few words that I don't allow. And the words are filtered through the system. If they are filtered, you will see **** is their place after you click on your reply. These words are not to be masked in any way. If they don't go through in the way you typed them. Then don't try to change them.

                     #3 No spam; Since we are Bengal fans I allow spamming of another Bengals site as long as it isn't in excess. But will not allow spamming of anything else.

                     #4 Name calling; Who cares? We are all adults. I believe those who have to use naming calling as a defense, has already lost the battle of wits. I will take action if it gets out of hand, but otherwise I stay out of it.

                     #5 As rule states above I don't care about name calling and giving your opinions about a member. New Rule added Dec 19, 2011. For now on baiting and piling on won't be accepted. Get your point across in one post and let it go. If this was to happen I or my moderators will enforce a tempoary ban. After ban is lifted let it go and move on. Ban can last for a few minutes to a couple of days. This rule was added to prevent forum trolls. If you receive a ban, PM the moderator to resolve problem.



*Side note* Admins and moderators are subject to same rules as other members. We are not above or below any other member. Hopefully everyone shows the same respect to each other. I don't consider this my forum. I consider it the Bengal Fans forum.


You can refer to me as GOD though.


"Super Cat"