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Thread: This Guy is an Idiot!

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    This Guy is an Idiot!

    I'm not one to... well advocate cyber crime, but this site I read today could sure use a good DDoS attack! How dare they talk so badly about a Cincinnati tradition?

    What do you get when you take a smaller-than-average hot dog that doesn't claim to be "all-beef," meat sauce that claims to be chili, raw chopped onions, mustard, and a mound of shredded cheese? Answer: An unsatisfying, repugnant wiener called "The Cheese Coney."
    Made by Skyline Chili, which opened its doors in 1949, The Cheese Coney uses "secret ingredients" that in my opinion, should have remained secret. As in: Whoever came up with the recipe should have kept it completely to themselves. The Cheese Coney accomplishes a flatulent flavor while managing to not quell the appetite of even the least hungry eater. In a word: Inedible.
    The author of this article needs to take a big flying #### off the Brent Spence Bridge.

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    I have read about that last month. Some people's stupidity can really cause mass annihilation someday.

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    To each his own. Personally, I love Skyline. I've eaten there almost every week for the past 5 years.

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