Been gone quite a while, how's everybody doin? Still miserable?

couldn't resist coming back and getting in on some draft talk.....everybody here ready to take a QB at #9? Patrick Mahomes maybe?

in all seriousness what's everybody thinking....LB, DE, CB, S? I think they'd love to have Adams or Fournette but I also think they'll both be gone.

not counting QB's, here's how I have the top 9 players ranked right now...

Jonathan Allen
Myles Garrett
Jamal Adams
Solomon Thomas
Leonard Fournette
Malik Hooker
Marshon Lattimore
Reuben Foster
Dalvin Cook

those would be my top-tier guys and after those 9 I think there's a slight drop off to the next tier which would be guys like Cory Davis, OJ Howard, Derek Barnett, Taco Charlton, etc.

that being said, even though I don't think there's a QB I'd rank in my top 10, I do think at least 2 of them will go before us....for sure Mitch Trubisky and probably one of Deshaun Watson/Pat Mahomes.

my top 8 mock for right now looks like...

1 Cleveland- Trubisky
2 SF- Garrett
3 Chicago- Watson
4 Jacksonville- Allen
5 Tennessee- Lattimore
6 NY Jets- Fournette
7 Chargers- Adams
8 Carolina- Cook

so that leaves 3 of my top-tier players left- Foster, Thomas and Hooker......who ya got??

honesty I'd probably go with Hooker, kid is an absolute game-breaker in the passing can get starting LB's and DL a little later on in this draft, a game changer like Hooker though, I just don't think you pass on those guys when you get a chance to grab one.