The OL went from one of the best to very suspect in the course of a year. Now, we have two linemen who are free agents. Oh, BTW, they just happen to be our two best OL. It is most likely that they will lose Zeitler could very well lose Whitworth. What makes the free agency situation so bad is that the Bengals will do the predicatable thing-- target the older vet while letting the younger, more productive player leave simply b/c they are unwilling to pay to keep him. If I were the Bengals, I would have tagged Zeitler and let Whit test the market. Why prioritize Whit over Zeitler? Of course, I'd want them both back, and I know there are other players who are priorities, but the OL simply can't lose 2 of its best players.

Let's split the difference and say Whit resigns (which is probably the most realistic scenario). What does the OL look like? We know Ogbuey is a bust (at least on the right side). We essentially have no right tackle. Remember, we cycled Fisher and Winston in there quite often. With Zeitler gone, who is the right guard? Bodine is serviceable at best as center, and we could really look to upgrade there. Mangold anyone (even if for 1 or 2 years)? Boiling seems to be the only stable starter in my opinion at left guard. Which brings us to left tackle. Is it Whit? Is it Ogbuey (or however you spell his name).

From my perspective, we have question marks at 4 of the 5 OL positions, and right guard is the biggest glaring hole we have. Here's what things could look like.

LT Ogbuey
LG Whit
C Bodine or Mangold
RG Boiling or some undetermined player
RT Fisher

None of that instills any confidence in me. What makes matters worse is that they most likely will keep Whit and move him to guard. Why? Anyone think Ogbuey could move inside to guard? I don't think he has the body type to play inside. All the more reason to consider him a bust.