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You always make it sound like all the "owners" are these super smart/innovative/rich leviathans that the poor Bengals are bound to like galley slaves.

You never once ever mention (although all rich) nincompoops like Mark Davis, Zygi Wilf, Jed York, Stephen Ross, Dean Spanos, Stan Kroenke, the entire Ford family and Jimmy Haslam. Throw in even Dan Snyder, Bill Bidwell, and Jerry Jones too.

Yes, let's take our leads from this group.

Oh, here we go: please say something about playoff games, how much money they spend, and how they "try".
No doubt a lot of the owners are meddling morons. Mikey has done them all a favor by controlling their spending habits via a better cap system on the last CBA. My point was that teams like the Pats, Steelers, Raiders and Cowboys and Packers are the teams that are driving the NFL value higher. Mikey contributes nothing to do this. If he actually cared about winning and being in championship contention over time we could be one of the teams that were considered in tjhis group.