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Thread: Current uniform design- cartoonish looking

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    Current uniform design- cartoonish looking

    Hey fellow Bengals fans, I want to ask if there are fans out there that have an opinion on the teams current uniform design. I don't like the 3 color panel design. I don't like the rounded numbers with the orange shadow effect. I want to see the team bring back the leaping tiger jersey design. From 1996-2012 this was the best looking uniform design. If you could change the uniform to your own design would you?

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    all time best

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    Agreed. The best looking in the league at that time, or any other.

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    Actually I'd prefer keeping the helmet and going with the 70s style striping on the uniforms. Keep it simple stupid.

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    I've argued with several here and on other boards in the past and my stance hasn't changed . . . The orange jerseys suck.<----major period. I love the black jersey and the white is ok but at least they have great helmets.

    That being said, my favorite helmets in the NFL
    Honorable mentions
    Lawrence Taylor era Giants and Dan Fouts era Chargers - midnight blue kicks ass. I can't stand the Chargers powder blue and the current Giants throwback color is meh. I also liked the Cowboys' star, the red Steve Bartkowski era Falcons helmet was sweet, the Bills had a nice upgrade in the 90s, The Raiders have always had a cool helmet and I always appreciated the simplicity of the Browns helmet.
    5) Steelers - Sorry, but I love the logo only on one side and the solid black on the other. It's a shame that their fans are such douchebags.
    4) Vikings - Deep purple and horns, good combo
    3) 80s and 90s LA/St Louis Rams. Loved the blue background with the yellow horns. The helmet change after the Super Bowl win was awful.
    2) Steve Grogan era NE Patriots. Pat the Patriot was awesome. Their current "new" one from the Parcells era is completely lame.
    1) The original Cincinnatuh Bengals striped helmets from 1981. Didn't they keep those magnificent '81 stripes under wraps until opening day? I remember being totally surprised when I saw them in highlights on opening day. I also remember their unofficial name for a couple of weeks being "the team with the funny helmets". I could be wrong but I believe the current model has one less stripe?

    "Least favorite helmets" not mentioned above Ravens, Titans(wtf?), 49ers, Bucs(prefer the gay pirate over the current one), Jets(80s green over the current throwback), Falcons and anything involving the official 90s expansion color, teal.
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    I am rather fond of throwback uniforms and helmets. Just not the ones which try and mimick ones from the '30's when there were no helmet logos--as there were not really helmets. The Packers are the most lame--they sort of try to look like the old Acme Packers--but never put "Acme" on the jersey.

    Some of my favorite throwbacks were the ones which didn't last very long, and were never or rarely seen again: the early '70's Eagles "reverse white" helmet with green wings; the Redskin "arrow" helmet; the Denver "bucking bronco" and "snorting horse" helmet; the Chiefs/Dallas Texans "state on the helmet"; and the Boston Patriot "three-cornered hat over the numbers" helmet.
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    I don't hate all throwbacks, just the few listed and only because I liked what they had before they went old school. I LOVE the white Eagles helmet with the green wings. I think of it every now and then when I watch the Cardinals play for some reason. I left out the 80s/90s Redskins helmets in my honorable mention. Nice color scheme and logo . . . even though it's a bit offensive to some.
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    Quote Originally Posted by #1 italian fan View Post
    all time best

    I agree. Go with these as the home uniform (and a couple games with throwback 1968-79 uniforms). As for away uniforms, I liked the "color rush" uniforms we used last year. I think the Bengals had one of the few "color rush" uniforms that actually looked good...most of them were hideous.

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