Unlike many of you, I'm not able to watch college games. So I can't pin down one player for pick 9. But I believe we will go DE with first pick. So far I've looked at a few mock drafts and there are 4 players that the mocks are picking here.
Some are saying draft needs are RB, WR, LB and DE. To me we could add OL. But looking at the roster I believe it is LB'er. But I don't think Mike pulls trigger on LB. It has been a need for many years. Most here are going toward running back. But I think RB needs a powerful OL to succeed early and Hill could do the job with a powerful OL. With WR we just need one with speed opposite of Green. That player can be had in later rounds after round one.
So I'm going DE because that is the unit with the most age on them. Three guys with 8 years or more starting. Time to rebuild that unit while it is still strong. Dunlap and Atkins are signed for a few years. No problem there. But the other side needs power and speed quickly.

So tell me which position do you think will be our first pick?