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Thread: Titans is not the only one lacking in home-grown players ,On second contracts

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    Titans is not the only one lacking in home-grown players ,On second contracts

    Titans is not the only one lacking in home-grown players ,On second contracts

    Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans consider their defensive line a strength.The reason why they thought so is that a couple of veterans can be seen from where they drafted and developed.,NASHVILLE

    In fact, 2011 third-rounder Jurrell Casey and 2011 fifth-rounder Karl Klug are the only players who remain on the roster., of the 24 players the Titans drafted from 2011 to 2013

    The Titans are one of nine teams in the NFL with two or fewer players on the roster from those three drafts.

    sixth or seventh years would be a key to a successful franchise. The average team has four such players on a second contract.,One would figure core players in their fifth

    rather than long-term sustainability.”,ESPN Vikings reporter Ben Goessling examined the three-year stats for the entire league and concluded: “It might be better to judge drafts on short-term and intermediate success

    It’s the Cincinnati Bengals who have the most remaining players from the three drafts, with 10. Six teams have just one remaining player. That group includes some bad teams -- the Browns,<a href=' ' title='Authentic Kevin Johnson Jersey' target='_blank'><strong>Authentic Kevin Johnson Jersey</strong></a>, Chargers and Bears -- but also the Raiders and Giants.,<a href=' Benardrick McKinney Jersey' title='Authentic Benardrick McKinney Jersey' target='_blank'><strong>Authentic Benardrick McKinney Jersey</strong></a>, Jaguars

    the Titans bottomed out.,<a href=' ' title='Authentic Ryan Kelly Jersey ' target='_blank'><strong>Authentic Ryan Kelly Jersey </strong></a>,The draft failures of former general manager Ruston Webster are pretty well-documented. Paired with the failed 23-game tenure of Ken Whisenhunt as head coach in 2014-15

    keyed in part by what appears to be a solid first draft for GM Jon Robinson.,They began to work their way back with a 9-7 season in 2016

    it’s fair to expect during the Robinson regime we’re likely to see more drafted players have longer careers with the Titans.,<a href=' ' title='Authentic T.J. Green Jersey' target='_blank'><strong>Authentic T.J. Green Jersey</strong></a>,All of teams in the NFL say they want to draft and develop players.A more fair way to judge concluding short-term and intermediate success

    Calif. -- One of the first initiatives new San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch discussed upon his hiring was making sure the team's alumni knew just how welcoming it was at the team's facility.,SANTA CLARA

    So when Lynch's phone buzzed with a text message from Steve Young, the Hall of Fame quarterback and current ESPN analyst, as you'd expect, asking if he could attend the team's local pro day on Wednesday, Lynch had no objections.

    "Steve has a player that was here, ‘Steve, that he’s buddies with," Lynch said. "I got a text today in the middle of a draft meeting that said, ‘Hey John, this is Steve Young, this is your world; whatever you want, do you think it would be possible if I might be able to come out to the pro day?’ I said,<a href='' title='Kevin Johnson Jersey' target='_blank'><strong>Kevin Johnson Jersey</strong></a>, and I’ve told you that. You’re always welcome.’"

    Young showed up to support Stanford safety Dallas Lloyd,<a href=' ' title='Authentic Jaelen Strong Jersey' target='_blank'><strong>Authentic Jaelen Strong Jersey</strong></a>, who was one of the 43 players who either played at a local school or is from the area and participated in the local pro day. For most of the nearly hour-long workout,<a href=' ' title='Jaelen Strong Jersey' target='_blank'><strong>Jaelen Strong Jersey</strong></a>,<a href=' ' title='Ryan Kelly Jersey' target='_blank'><strong>Ryan Kelly Jersey</strong></a>,<a href='' title='T.J. Green Jersey' target='_blank'><strong>T.J. Green Jersey</strong></a>, though he also made some time to chat with the likes of Lynch, Young watched attentively, coach Kyle Shanahan and CEO Jed York.

    "It’s a treat to see him, as always, I think we are better for it. I always feel like I get smarter when I talk to Steve. He’s a bright guy," Lynch said. "He’s a good friend and I think he’s a big part of the fabric of this organization. And any time we have him out here, and he’s got a unique perspective on things."

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    "It’s the Cincinnati Bengals who have the most remaining players from the three drafts, with 10."

    I THINK this was his/her reasoning for posting the whole clip and paste.
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