The Best Restaurants Trending Now in Mesquite, TX!

Situated in the east of Dallas, the suburban town of Mesquite houses a mixture of local likes as well as international flavours inspired by a long way away places. From Greek to Japanese to Tex-Mex, here will be the top places to eat out.


Athenos provides an authentic flavour of Greece in Mesquite, Texas. The restaurant functions most of Greece’s traditional foods including tzatziki and hummus dips, Greek salads, pita wraps, moussaka and plates of gyro. They provide a few of the city’s least expensive lunch special deals, all including seasoned rice, pita bread and tzatziki sauce. One specifically popular dish is the gyro pizza, which is topped with gyro, tomatoes, onions and cheese with tzatziki on the side.

Tucker’s Grill & Taqueria

Among the better streets tacos in the region are available at Tucker’s. The restaurant offers a multitude of grilled dishes with a Mexican twist, including catfish, enchiladas, handmade burgers, gyro, fresh dough pizzas, nachos and burritos. Located next to a gas train station, it’s wide open every day of the week, the prices are affordable and the friendly personnel always try to get to know their customers on an individual level. Tucker’s also functions breakfast and are also suitable for a late-night bite due to the quick service.


For over 10 years, Joe’s has been Mesquite’s go-to restaurant for homemade pizzas and pasta. They cook pizzas in the original brick oven style, available in ready-made pieces or custom well prepared with your personal preferred toppings. During lunch time, the restaurant offers a few of the city’s best special deals, which all include salad and garlic bread. Furthermore to pizza and pasta, they help seafood and poultry meals, hot and frosty sandwiches, and desserts.

Kaze Japanese Restaurant

Kaze is one of the town’s favorite and most affordable Asian restaurants. They provide fresh sushi rolls, Japanese hibachi, and scrumptious Korean meals along with house sauces made from scratch. All the dishes are clearly explained and ordering from the menu is simple, even if oriental cuisines are new to you. Increasing the warm and seductive atmosphere, there’s a lovely view of the Japanese garden and koi seafood lake at the restaurant. Doors are wide open for both lunch and meal with welcoming and helpful personnel who are experts as it pertains to Japanese culture and cuisine.

Mesquite BBQ

Mesquite BBQ has been family operated since 1959 and has a reputation as the best barbecue around. The owners Kent and Lisa Crouch have created an agreeable and warm atmosphere in their restaurant, rendering it inviting to tourists as well as a typical favorite among locals. Their beef, ham, turkey, ribs and pulled pork barbecue food have all received multiple rewards.

Pepper’s Taco

Pepper’s Taco is a family owned restaurant that serves among the better Mexican food every day for breakfast, meal and evening meal. Their menu includes traditional tamales, fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, and taco salads, as well as an authentic variety of specialty hot meals. Everything they help is prepared freshly on spot and they have a ’bring your own beer’ insurance policy, allowing you to enjoy your own alcoholic drinks as well as the fountain drinks they sell.

Martinez Restaurant

Martinez is a family group restaurant which has been start in Mesquite for 20 years. Offering fresh homemade food, the menu focuses primarily on Tex-Mex, including everything from soups to enchiladas for brunch, lunchtime and dinner. The fantastic quality and comfortable, friendly atmosphere has made the location one of the town’s most beloved. After beginning the Mesquite restaurant and becoming known on the culinary world, the Martinez family has widened and exposed two additional locations in Sunnyvale, Texas called Bull’s Pen and Tino’s Restaurant.

Iron Chefs

Creating an interesting eating out experience, Iron Chefs has an open up grill in the heart of the restaurant, allowing you to watch as the chefs ready your meals. Their specialty is Angus beef, nonetheless they have a huge variety of food options including sushi rolls, hibachi meals, teriyaki bowls and Japanese appetizers. It’s a favorite for high quality quick bites as well as suitable for much longer dinners liked with larger communities. If you visit on your birthday, you get a hibachi supper as well as fried glaciers cream free of charge.

The House of Gyros

The House of Gyros focuses on the best true Greek gyro, made in the same style you’d find in downtown Athens. The restaurant also offers an ‘on the char broiler’ section on the menu, which includes traditional Greek lamb chops, marinated poultry on skewer and exceptional charbroiled burgers. Among the better appetizers include calamari, stuffed grape leaves and steak fries topped with feta cheese. It’s a laid-back restaurant for fans of Greek street food and has a ‘Bring Your Own Beer’ insurance policy.