Benefits Of Adventure Travel

Vacationing can have a profound effect on your physical and mental health and well-being – it’s why we look forward to that period away! There are different types of vacations, though, and the adventure vacation lifestyle is growing in popularity for all the benefits it brings.

The kind of vacation where you sit at a cottage or resort for a couple of weeks while eating and drinking may be right inside your safe place. But even though that vacation can leave you rested and refreshed, you return otherwise unchanged; back to the daily grind at the job, it’s as if you were never away at all.

Adventure trips have a dramatically different impact. You’ll return rested and refreshed, of course, but getting outside of your comfort zone and doing something positive and healthy can have long-lasting physical and mental rewards. Visit: for more details

Here are health benefits associated with adventure travel:

Too often, physical activity is the last thing we make time for inside our busy daily lives, and the health effects can be dramatic. Weight gain, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, insomnia – the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are widely documented. Likewise, the physical advantages of traveling are well known, so you won’t spend enough time sitting still when you take an expedition to the Arctic or Antarctica!

Hiking, kayaking and even strolling along an Antarctic beach to go to a penguin colony or exploring an abandoned scientific station in the Arctic will kick-start the procedure of change. You’ll commence feeling muscles you haven’t felt in years, and you’ll quickly start feeling good – possibly even better than you have in ages. A recently available U.S. study found that the physical facets of adventure travel can certainly help grow your hippocampus, reducing the chance for memory loss and dementia.

The mental boost you get from adventure travel can be even more significant than the physical one. Visiting Antarctica and seeing the last pristine wilderness on the globe can profoundly affect your perspective – with time to pause and reflect, your everyday problems may seem to be insignificant compared with the greater picture.

Being exposed to the new situations and cultures that travel brings about can also reboot your brain with techniques you never thought possible. The daily cares that dominate your thoughts and sap your energy at home hold no sway when you’re watching whales from a kayak!

With a steady supply of oxygen, your system will react positively. You’ll have significantly more energy, along with your brain, which requires 20 percent of the oxygen you need, will function better. It’s not just mid-air that makes a difference: in 2008, U.S. researchers discovered that spending some time in an all-natural environment actually increases your focus and attention.

Spending time outdoors makes us feel good about ourselves while others, but another one of the health advantages of traveling is an improved immune system. According to a recent Japanese study, a 1-day trip to a suburban park can boost immune activity for every week. Another Japanese study, published in 2010 2010, found that short, leisurely trips to a wilderness area boosted the disease fighting capability for more than 30 days.

Travel makes people happier, and happy people have numbers of cortisol, the stress hormone, that are 23 percent less than those of unhappy people. A 2001 study conducted by researchers in the U.S. and Turkey found that in comparison to their unhappy counterparts, happier people became healthier during the period of the study.

As the problems of everyday life recede during your Antarctic expedition, you’ll are more and more relaxed. Having less stress and tension clears just how for other encounters and thoughts, as well as your perspective on everything may begin changing for the better.

Your mother told you this as a child and it’s still true today: if you get enough fresh air and exercise, you’ll sleep better. Sleep is important to physical and mental health, and when you travel with Quark Expeditions®, there are more than enough activities to keep you busy.