Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could work from anywhere and travel the world? There are now more jobs than ever where all you need is access to the internet. With an increase of tools than ever available at your disposal, traveling the world as an electronic Nomad is currently a reality! Let’s start by defining what being a digital nomad really means. The term digital nomad is employed as a descriptor for many different types of location independent personnel from individuals who have passive income streams to those who work in the gig economy as they move about. You can find out about the location independent movement here and get an in-depth look at how modern nomads came to be.

The characteristic that all digital nomads have as a common factor is that they usually spend several months abroad each year, are constantly on the road, and earn an income while working online. A digital nomad can simply make an income of $12,000 per year and live a nice, cushy lifestyle in countries like Thailand or Bali in South East Asia. Take that same digital nomad to London, Paris, or Sydney, and that’s not going to work through so well. Location independence means nomads have true freedom due to healthy incomes that permit them to run their business from any city in the world, even from the most expensive ones.

Whatever income level you can muster from remote work, the target recommendations to become a digital nomad so you can have the freedom to work and travel throughout the world. The NESTA’s team offers a plethora of resources and tips from fellow nomads, that can help show you through the procedure of building your location independent life and offer you tips on how to achieve higher degrees of location independence. To find out more, visit https://www.nestacertified.com/guide-to-live-as-a-digital-nomad-fitness-and-coaching-professional/

Benefits of being a digital nomad

If you’re interested in the digital nomad lifestyle, it’s important to consider the huge benefits and potential downsides. Some benefits can include:

Better quality of life for less

If you want to have more purchasing power on a smaller salary, a digital nomad lifestyle may afford you that option. Even people new to the digital nomad collective can begin visiting countries offering lower costs of living. This might allow you to stay in a nicer place, do more recreational activities or purchase more nonessential items than if you were working in a fixed environment with an increased cost of living.

Location independence

If you hope to enjoy the location-independent lifestyle someday, living as an electronic nomad might help you learn the techniques and gather tips to allow you to achieve that goal. It could also help you network with location-independent professionals and determine if the life-style is right for you prior to making a long-term commitment.

Ability to travel while working

Many digital nomads enjoy the advantage of the ability to travel while they work. Unlike travel time logged for a traditional job, digital nomads can choose the locations where they work. They may visit places they’ve always wanted to see, follow nice weather from destination to place or decide where to work based on what fits their workloads and budgets.

Flexible schedule

Digital nomads often have the flexibility setting their own schedules and have control over not just where they would like to work, but also when. Because they could change time zones frequently, digital nomads can work anytime, anywhere. They may choose to follow traditional 9-to-5 schedules or they could work evenings and weekends.